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Seminars for Public Sector  

We have designed our Decision Analysis seminars to deliver the utmost value to the participants. Through a methodical approach, we present various topics of Decision Analysis with the objective of creating an enduring learning experience. As a result, significant knowledge of this vital discipline is gained, coupled with a pragmatic perspective to utilize Decision Analysis for critical decision making.

For the public sector, we offer a one-day seminar that includes the fundamental elements of Decision Analysis, guidance for applying Decision Analysis techniques, and exposure to advanced methodologies that break though some of the most formidable organizational problems. We also offer a two-day seminar that augments those topics with more details and examples, as well as additional complete guidelines for solving complex decision problems.

Due to the special characteristics of the public sector organizations that face unique challenges in public-interest decision making and resource allocation, we have structured a three-day seminar that is completely geared to the specific requirements of these organizations. The goal of this seminar is to bring in formal techniques to help in the decision-making process for the particular decision problems of public sector organizations.

We have more that three decades of experience in designing and delivering seminars to a variety of audiences. We have the depth and breath of Decision Analysis expertise in presenting our seminars to public sector organizations that need to apply analytical techniques to solve their multi-faceted and intricate problems that pose a particular challenge for those organizations.

Please contact us to schedule a seminar for your organization.