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Public Sector Decision Analysis

Decision Analysis has become an indispensable part of organizations that continually face making important decisions that are critical enough to warrant significant attention. The analysis of a decision problem under uncertainty is designed to help in making a choice among a set of alternatives. Decision Analysis considers a paradigm in which a decision needs to be made to choose an action in an uncertain environment. It employs systematic analysis that helps the decision maker identify which course of action should be chosen.

In particular, organizations in the public sector can substantially benefit from Decision Analysis since these organizations try to achieve social goals with highly constrained resources in an uncertain world. Decision Analysis enables such organizations to achieve their objectives more effectively, and to explain and defend better the decisions that they make. Decision Analysis also forces such organizations to make the basis for decision making more explicit, and can make it much more difficult for individual decision makers to make choices based on their personal preferences.

Through Decision Analysis, public sector organizations that face social, environmental, political, health, safety, and a myriad of other critical public-interest issues, can make a reasoned and logical analysis of the problems. This analysis in turn leads to spotting the most suitable course of action.

Public-sector applications of Decision Analysis range from identifying the best solution for providing a service or satisfying a public need, to more complex cases in resource allocation and project prioritization. Important public-sector decisions, such as allocating budgets and prioritizing projects, entail multiple objectives, more than one stakeholder, and needs for quantifying expert judgment. Decision Analysis analytical tools are particularly useful for aiding multifaceted public-sector decisions.

CA Advisors has teamed with Lee Merkhofer, President of Lee Merkhofer Consulting, and Pete Morris, Principal of VMN Group, to deliver exceptional Decision Analysis services to public sector organizations. Dr. Merkhofer and Dr. Morris are amongst the well-known and most respected practitioners and researchers in Decision Analysis, recognized for their considerable contributions to the theory and practice of Decision Analysis in academia, industry, and public sector. They both hold doctoral degrees from Stanford University in Engineering-Economic Systems, and regularly contribute to the literature of Decision Analysis. For the past two decades, Dr. Morris has been on the faculty of Stanford University.

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