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Breakfast with the CEO

Airline Strategy Retreat

We offer a half-day retreat, hosted by your airline’s CEO and facilitated by us, to review the company’s strategy. This important retreat is meant to complement the ongoing strategic planning and airline development efforts, and to reinforce the strategy alignment of various divisions of the airline.

For the retreat, we invite the C-level senior executives of the airline that decide and execute the strategy for their divisions. The executives are expected to present the divisional strategy, and to be prepared to discuss how their divisions contribute to the airline development going forward.

After the welcoming breakfast, the CEO launches the first session by delivering the airline business model, how that model is anticipated to evolve over time, and the methods to achieve the overall corporate goals and objectives. A high-level roadmap for the airline’s future will be sketched for the senior executives.

Senior executives of each division will then present their strategy of supporting the airline’s business model and the airline’s progression. We encourage a short discussion after each presentation and a more detailed review after all presentations are made.

We intend to achieve two main objectives:

        »   Ensure a complete strategy set so that every             aspect of the airline business model is covered,             with no missing spot in the airline’s value change.

        »   Identify misalignments of strategy pieces to avoid             incompatibilities and to converge on a well-matched             and congruent strategy set.

Holding this get-together of senior executives at a location other than the familiar corporate offices strengthens discussion freshness in an ambience that is calm and unwinding. The attention can then be focused entirely on the momentous task of strategy review. We recommend a nearby business-friendly hotel or resort to the corporate offices for this half-day retreat.

The CEO will then host a luncheon before adjourning the retreat. Senior execitives are extremely busy and their time is most valuable. For that, the retreat is planned for only half of a day so that the executives can return promptly to their duties.

We will compile all presentations for analysis. We will then submit a complete package to each participant in this retreat.

Please contact us for scheduling this strategy retreat for your airline.

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