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Analytical RCM

Reliability-centered Maintenance (RCM) entails a methodical approach to the following three main matters.

      »  Understanding failure
      »  Consequences of failure
      »  Impact of preventive maintenance

The application of RCM results in a scheduled maintenance program that includes all scheduled tasks that are required for safe and economical operations. There are two activity branches for RCM:

      »  Operational
      »  Analytical

Operational RCM concerns with designing and implementing effective scheduled maintenance tasks and procedures for performing them. Analytical RCM evaluates and applies inherent reliability characteristics to optimize the scheduled maintenance program.

Our work at CA Advisors is primarily focused in Analytical RCM. We utilize various reliability analysis techniques in a systematic process to evaluate reliability parameters based on operational features. We then apply these parameters to develop planning and control tools that help in decision-making regarding Operational RCM and related asset management tasks.