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Airport Security and Safety Analysis

As fundamental changes reshape the landscape of commercial aviation, airport security and safety considerations must be viewed in a new limelight. Delivering airport services now demands significantly heightened level of concern and diligence.

Our work in this area is designed to allow our airport clients manage security and safety analytically by applying the state-of-the-art decision-support techniques. We offer:


Professional training through our targeted seminars and workshops


Consulting and advisory services for planning and controlling various business processes


System developments specifically devised for creating tools in support of making and implementing decisions

Reliability theories and risk management methodologies provide the analytical platform for gaining impressive results in airport security and safety. These techniques have proven to provide significant benefits in terms of expecting the volume and timing of events. The information can then be used to develop strategic practices and policies as well as operational procedures that prevent and control the detrimental consequences of security and safety failures.

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We have created a leading-edge Airport
Security and Safety Analysis Seminar

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A more comprehensive two-day version of
the seminar is also available.

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