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New in Version 4.0

AEMPS 4.0 includes a number of significant enhancements.


New website


There are two important extensions in the new website.



Examples. This section of the site is now quite easy to follow. Users can observe clearly and with ease the inputs and outputs of each system of AEMPS.



Session. This section makes it very simple for users to work with AEMPS SaaS (Software as a Service). Instructions are provided in steps, and each step is explained vividly. Users can easily initiate a session, and follow through until the results are received.


Reliability analysis



An additional statistics (Sum of Squared Errors) has been added for one-parameter (exponential distribution) and two-parameter (Weibull distribution) approaches. In the previous versions, only the R-squared was provided for the regression analysis after the log-transformation. The SSE is helpful in comparing the exponential and Weibull approximations.



An additional technique has been added for calculating Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) based on raw removal data. Calculating CDF is not a straightforward task since there are scheduled and forced removals, which are not failures, along with pre-mature removals (pure failures). In some cases, mostly when the number of data (removal) points is low, the technique that we have added performs marginally better.



We have added the capability to screen and perform the reliability analysis for first-run engines only(newly-manufactured), or for excluding first-run engines (previously-overhauled). We do, however, emphasize that according to the strict requirements of MSG-3, the inherent reliability must be restored at every shop visit, hence realistically there should not be a difference between the reliability of first-run engines as compared to previously-overhauled engines. The key value of this enhancement is to allow the operators to monitor the reliability for both segments, and ensure that the maintenance operation is effective in restoring the inherent reliability at shop visits, therefore complete compliance with MSG-3.



It is important to emphasize that monitoring reliability is mandated by the Federal Aviation Regulations for certified air carriers. It is not just a statistical nicety. The simple exposure-rate calculations are not enough to show compliance with the FARs if a severe engine incident/accident takes place. The regulatory authorities have increasing been demanding for operators to demonstrate the capability for full reliability monitoring through reliability and survival analysis, particularly for engines due to the criticality of the propulsion system. We are happy to report that AEMPS can do the full reliability analysis as demanded by the FARs, and we are the only provider of a tool to do so in a systematic and consistent way.


Removal forecasting


We have enhanced the removal forecasting module of AEMPS. Now, AEMPS can forecast removals by removal symptom and/or removal cause (root cause of removal). It can also forecast removals for first-run engines only, or excluding first-run engines. AEMPS can now do this full array of forecasting with ease, as can be observed in the examples that have been provided on the website.

One very useful application of this new enhancement is in terms of warranty management, which requires determining the removal volume for a specific symptom and/or cause.


Incorporating environmental cost for engine MRO


We have added an important enhancement to incorporate directly the environmental cost of engine MRO. That is included in ELO (Engine Life Optimizer). MRO operations are highly pollutant. Directly including that cost provides different results for deciding on life-limited parts replacement decisions, that in turn determine the engine's lifetime, both scheduled and expected. Now, ELO optimizes the replacement decisions so that the total MRO unit cost is minimized.

As a result, AEMPS is now an important "Eco-aviation" solution, along with the fact that all data-processing (inputs/outputs) of AEMPS is done electronically.




We have included a series of charts for the AEMPS 4.0 outputs. Those charts will be deliverables along with output data for AEMPS SaaS. The charts are illustrated in the examples section of the AEMPS website.

The AEMPS charts clearly illustrate that our advanced technology delivers the right solutions to the complex and difficult problems in engine MRO that have significant cost impacts.


Eco-aviation technology and green solution


We have added a page for describing AEMPS as an "Eco-aviation" technology and a "Green" solution. That section can be reached via the homepage of AEMPS (click here).


Expanding Excel application


AEMPS uses three platforms: (i) high-level language application for the scientific core, (ii) database application, (iii) spreadsheet application. In this new version, the role of Excel has been expanded within the system operation framework. From the users’ perspective, only Excel is in play, for both inputs and outputs, which leads to working with AEMPS to be very simple and straightforward.