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Online Search

Discrete Instance Analysis

The value chain for online search providers includes a series of significant blocks of processes. Building correctly the online search engine value chain requires two critical pieces:



Determining information regarding the online search demand, for resource planning.



Providing demand-related, customer-specific information to subscribers of advertising, for marketing and sales.

These vital pieces require applying advanced analytical techniques. Discrete Instance Analysis (DIA) is a proven methodology for abstracting the pattern of online search requests. DIA provides important and valued information, including the volume, timing, and configuration of search requests that arrive discretely with high rates. Further segmentation for temporal, transitional, and/or exceptional characteristics of requests can also be accomplished via DIA.

The application of DIA creates value significantly. Once DIA is fully implemented and its data is routinely generated, distributed, and applied, the search engine provider and its advertising customers will substantially benefit from the detailed statistics that can be used for planning proactively, marketing effectively, and making adjustments accordingly.

The DIA approach has been successfully applied in a wide variety of cases, ranging from performance analysis of modern aircraft turbofan engines to resource planning for call centers. In numerous cases, DIA has been implemented for both operational and marketing purposes, becoming an integral part of managing the value chain. It has both strategic and tactical applications.

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