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Total Reliability Management

Reliability management of flight equipments is a critical task for operators. It directly impacts operations safety of an air carrier. Aviation regulations that govern the operations of a certificated air carrier mandate effective means to monitor the reliability of flight equipments at different levels -- aircraft, system, sub-system, and component, individually referred to as an “item.” Through reliability monitoring, a certificated air carrier must ensure that each item is operating at its inherent reliability level, and identify any degradation.

Monitoring reliability is not easy. Defined as probability of failure within a specified period of time, reliability covers uncertainties in operating flight equipments due to random failures. For that, managing reliability for purposes of safe operations and compliance with applicable regulations is not trivial, and requires applying advanced statistical techniques.

We offer a complete solution for reliability management. While there are simple reliability programs that satisfy the minimum requirements for regulation compliance and conformity, invariably those programs are not sufficient.

Our solution applies advanced analytics to determine survivability characteristics of flight items. That complements simple exposure-based reliability programs. The result is total reliability management that delivers vital airworthiness characteristics. Significant value is thus created for certificated air carriers.

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