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Airline Due Diligence

On behalf of airline stakeholders –- equity investors, debt financiers, lessors, OEMs, suppliers, employee groups, insurance companies, legal representatives, etc. –- we provide unmatched services to review and conduct due diligence. Our practice is driven by our specialty in business analytics and skills we have accumulated over a lengthy period of time in the commercial air transportation industry.

Our unique methodology goes beyond a typical financial analysis and related common reports. Due to our deep knowledge of airlines, coupled with the breadth of understanding commercial aviation, we are able to provide valued insights to the current and future performance of the airline under review. That will in turn allow stakeholders to make decisions commensurate with realistic expectations.

Through rigorous and disciplined analyses, we spot critical matters that are often masked by a myriad of issues. Our systematic approach to due diligence leads to deep understanding of the airline, coupled with its position within the competitive landscape. We also consider the business environment, the continual changes, and the airline’s track record and future capabilities to cope with the dynamics of the business climate.

We also focus on the airline’s business model, its attributes, and the airline’s ability to execute that model to achieve its key performance objectives. Whether in a turnaround case, an emerging phase, or steady growth mode, we scrutinize the airline's elements carefully and in detail, and probe the current and future performance based on the airline’s business model.

The results of our work have been impressive. Our clients have benefited considerably from the due diligence we have conducted for them. Our work has helped our clients make informed decisions, and proceed according to sensible prospects.

Please contact us for further information regarding our ailine due-diligence services.