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Aircraft and Engine Leasing

Our footprint in flight-equipment financing began in the 1980s with work on aircraft and engine operating leases at United Airlines in support of the airline’s third-party maintenance services. That work then evolved into a sophisticated advisory practice, which enabled us to become experienced professionals in this exciting space.

Our work has given us a unique perspective for helping both lessors and lessees in transactions that create significant value for the financiers and the operators. Our practice includes a wide range, from simple operating leases to highly-sophisticated capital leases and aircraft financing programs. In the today’s project-finance global market, our expertise and analytical skills yield utmost benefits to our clients.

We have also worked with incredible colleagues who provide legal and financial services. Our network includes first-rate professionals that offer services for every aspect of supporting us and our clients to meet the challenges in structuring demanding and sophisticated aircraft and engine leases.

Please contact us for further information regarding our aircraft and engine leasing services.

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