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Our Yield Management Practice

Yield Management (YM), also known as Revenue Management (RM), has emerged as one of the most critical methods to maximize revenues. First developed in the airline industry, YM has been adopted widely in other domains such as hotels, car rentals, railroads, cruises, and cargo, to name a few.

By differentiating prices for targeted customers that demand the same product or service, and controlling the inventory for each price offering, revenues are significantly increased. The approach is intuitive and appealing, yet it entails some of the most complex analytical techniques for delivering the right results.

Our RM work focuses on the development, delivery, implementation, and operation of YM systems, ranging from providing initial YM training, to developing enhancements to existing systems. We specialize in pragmatic approaches and methodologies that brings immediate value to our clients.

For organizations that are new to YM, we normally provide initial training for operating managers and staff. We also assist executives in creating the right organizational structure, and planning for the information-technology infrastructure that is vital to the success of YM.

For mature YM operators, our contributions span from executing methodologies for incorporating enhancements and extensions to the core YM system, to advanced planning, continuous training, performance measures, and operational RM support.

Please contact us for further information regarding our YM services.

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