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Applying the multi-echelon inventory modeling approach provides accurate responses to the following key repairable/rotable materials management questions:

»   Performance
     Given a specific allocation scenario, what are the protection      levels and fill rates at each depot?

»   Allocation
     Given a specific number of serviceable parts, how must they      be allocated throughout the operation network?

»   Requirement
     Given required fill rates, how many parts must be stocked at      each depot?

»   Optimization
     How many spare parts must be stocked at various depots in      order to minimize the total inventory cost?


We have successfully applied the multi-echelon inventory modeling for repairable/rotable parts to develop and implement Spare Engine Planning System (SEPS), a module of our Advanced Engine Maintenance Planning Systems. Engines are the most expensive aircraft rotable items, and SEPS uses the state-of-the-art analytical technique for managing the inventory of repairable parts, leading to reduced costs and increased performance.