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Materials Management for Repairable Parts

For parts that are less expensive to repair than to discard, advanced analytical techniques offer a valuable way to manage the inventory. Repairable parts are usually expensive, and require sophisticated inventory systems to control costs. The decision-support inventory systems for repairable parts are complex, and require analytical inventory modeling that is significantly more complicated than the traditional techniques in inventory management.

Benefits of applying advanced analytical methodologies to control the inventory of repairable parts are substantial. Not only the costs in terms of excess parts or shortages can be avoided by right-sizing the inventory, but the overall materials management performance also improves and the service level increases.

Multi-echelon inventory modeling has been successfully applied to repairable parts in a wide range of industries, e.g., automotive, aviation, high-technology, and durable consumer product manufacturing, to name a few.

At CA Advisors, we offer leading-edge analytical services in repairable materials management. Years of first-hand applied industrial experience along with academic research and development have made us a unique resource to assist our clients face the unique and difficult challenges in repiarable inventory management.

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