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Significant benefits can be realized by implementing a well-designed, advanced analytical decision-support system solution for managing the inventory of repairable/rotable parts. Not only the investment in inventory can be reduced by avoiding excesses and shortages, the performance also increase by better planning and controlling the inventory.

In the following paper, the exceptional savings had been described by developing and implementing an inventory system for repairable parts based on advanced analytical modeling techniques.

   »   Out of Touch with Customer Needs? Spare Parts and After         Sales Service, Sloan Management Review

An independent validation of the two-parameter approximation technique used in multi-echelon inventory modeling for repairable parts - the basic methodology that we use at CA Advisors - has been demonstrated by the following research paper.

   »   A Multi-echelon Inventory Model for a Repairable Item with         One-for-one Replenishment, Management Science