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Oracle OpenWorld 2004

Oracle's Air Fleet Maintenance Solution

Oracle cMRO

The following is the absract of Jahan Alamzad's joint presentation with Hannes Sandmeier, Senior Director of Oracle Corporation, at the MRO session of Oracle OpenWorld 2004, entitled Oracle's Air Fleet Maintenance Solution, Oracle cMRO:

"This session discusses deregulation and low-cost competitionís impact on air transportation maintenance operations and presents an Oracle Complex Maintenance Repair & Overhaul v11i.10 product update and road map. Hear a leading industry consultant explain the impact on air fleet operations of recent changes and ongoing trends in air transportation. From outsourcing to security, air transport today has been challenged like few other industries in history to accommodate forces of change that have altered the economics of the business almost overnight. Learn what Oracle knows about the issues faced by airlines and A&D manufacturers and how it is addressing the demands on fleet operations in its solutions. Also, get a peek at upcoming capabilities."