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Christine Antonakopoulos






is an administrative principal of CA Advisors.

Ms. Antononakopolos has worked in administration and human resources divisions of a number of Silicon Valley companies, including BEA Systems, Atari Games Corporation, Applied Decision Analysis (before and after the acquisition of the firm by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which is now a unit of Standard & Poor’s), and National Software Associates. She has also served as Director of Administration of California Airlines, a regional start-up airline based in San Jose.

Ms. Antononakopolos is an active member of a number of professional organizations, including Silicon Valley Compensation Association, Society of Human Resource Management, and World at Work.

Ms. Antononakopolos holds a bachelor in Human Resource Management from San Francisco State University. She is fluent in Greek and Spanish.

Christine, her husband, and their children live in Mountain View, California. Christine enjoys traveling, swimming, and biking when she finds time from her busy schedule, only if that time is not used by her to learn yet another language.